How to Throw the Ultimate Boba Tea Party

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If you love boba, why not throw a boba tea party? Create your own boba bar, add a few boba-themed decorations, and even play a boba board game! Read on to learn how to make your next gathering all about boba. 

What Is a Boba Tea Party?

Any occasion can be a boba tea party— you just need to serve boba tea. You can throw a boba tea party to celebrate any occasion, such as a:

  • Baby shower
  • Birthday party
  • Corporate event
  • Engagement party
  • Board game night
  • Fundraiser
  • Girls night in
  • Holiday party
  • School events
  • Retirement party

If you have an intimate gathering or even a game corner, this bubble tea card game is a great way to get your guests mingling and laughing. It’s a lighthearted family game for kids and adults. This boba board game is also a great option.

How to Set up a Boba Bar

A boba bar is a great way to serve bubble tea at your boba tea party. Each guest can make their bubble tea combination according to their needs or likes. A boba bar needs bubble tea essentials, along with some festive items.

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Boba tea bar

When you set up your boba bar, make sure you have the following:

Several tea bases

Brew the tea ahead of time and pour the cooled tea into big tea dispensers. Include an assortment of tea flavors such as black tea, green tea, fruit tea, or taro tea powder (most come with non-dairy creamer; be sure to read the ingredients).


Pour a few different milk varieties into small milk jugs. Include whole milk, half and half, oat milk, almond milk, or coconut milk.

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Include a big tub or cooler of ice and a scooper since bubble tea is usually served chilled.

Several types of sweeteners

Set up small containers or dispensers with brown sugar simple syrup, white sugar, and a sugar alternative like stevia. Remind your guests that less than 1/4 teaspoon of stevia will likely be enough for a serving of bubble tea—too much will make their drink bitter.


Set out bowls of tapioca pearls, popping boba, jellies (coffee jelly, rainbow jelly, or coconut jelly), fresh fruit, sweetened red bean topping, shaved chocolate, or coconut flakes.


Cups and boba straws are a must. You can even include a cocktail shaker so guests can shake their drinks together before they pour them into their cups. You can buy a drink party kit with cups, straws, lids, and labels to make it easier.

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Various boba drinks your guests could create

What Type of Food Should You Serve With Bubble Tea?

Matcha and green tea are slightly bitter and pair well with sweeter foods. Black tea is stronger and pairs well with savory or sweet foods. Fruit teas pair with both sweet and savory foods. Tea flavors like mango and pineapple pair exceptionally well with spicy foods.

Bubble tea and snacks make a great party combination. Whether you’re looking for finger foods or dinner foods, there are many ideas for what to pair with bubble tea.

Savory foods:

  • Avocado toast (pairs well with matcha tea)
  • Chicken wings with dipping sauces
  • Dumplings (pairs well with Thai tea)
  • Mini pizzas
  • Nachos with an assortment of meat and cheeses
  • Popcorn
  • Potato wedges (pairs well with black tea)
  • Ramen or hot pots
  • Sushi (pairs well with green tea)
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Sweet foods:

  • Belgian waffles with fresh fruit and syrup
  • Cake
  • Cinnamon rolls (pairs well with fruit bubble tea)
  • Cookies
  • Croissants
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fruit tarts (pairs well with Thai tea)
  • Muffins
  • Pancakes
  • Pretzels
  • Scones (pairs well with black tea)

Best Bubble Tea Party Decorations

Decorations help bring any party together; a bubble tea party is no different! Choose decorations based on your party theme or party colors. Sites like Etsy and Amazon offer an array of bubble tea party decorations. Popular decorations include:

  • A bubble tea banner
  • Bubble tea balloons—DIY your own balloon bubble tea with this template from Etsy
  • A backdrop for photos
  • Boba tea plushies or pillowcases
  • Neon signs
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Neon boba tea decoration

Boba-Themed Party Favors

Having a few party favors for your guests is a way to make your bubble tea party extra fun and memorable. Grab some gifts bags and include some or any of the following:

  • A few milk tea powders and DIY boba kits
  • Boba straws
  • An index card with everyone’s favorite bubble tea combo—remember to fill this out during the event
  • An anime book
  • Bubble tea-themed stickers
  • Bubble tea keychains


Sarah loves indulging in bubble tea near her home in southern Indiana. She constantly experiments with flavor combinations, but her favorite flavor is passion fruit. She enjoys experimenting in her home kitchen and hopes to one day be a pro at making her own bubble tea.

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