Alcoholic Boba: The Buzz About These Boozy Bubble Teas

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Traditional Taiwanese milk teas do not contain alcohol. However, in the past few years, bubble tea has become increasingly well-known worldwide, and the addition of alcohol has caused quite a buzz. This new spin on an old favorite is great for happy-hours, drinks by the pool, or the holiday season.

What Alcohol Goes With Boba?

There are several types of alcohol that go well with boba drinks. Depending on the type of tea and flavor profile of the drink, certain pairings go best together. For example:

  • Green tea boba tea pairs nicely with gin or tequila
  • Jasmine tea goes well with spiced rum and fruit juices such as passionfruit or strawberry
  • Black tea pairs with whiskey
  • Fruit teas go well with vodka
  • Coffee-based boba drinks pair well with liqueurs like Kaluha or Baileys

Of course, you can mix and match and get creative. There are several delicious spiked boba tea recipes out there.

Can You Infuse Tapioca Pearls With Alcohol?

Rather than using simple brown sugar tapioca pears in your alcoholic boba drinks, you can infuse your boba pearls with alcohol! Cook the tapioca pearls according to the instructions on the package. Then, rather than adding brown sugar simple syrup, pour the alcohol of your choice to cover the pearls and let them sit for 10-15 minutes.

Use a sweet liqueur without extra sweetener or a couple of shots of regular, strong liquor mixed with sugar or maple syrup.

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Various liquor-infused tapioca pearls

It is important to note that if the boba pearls soak too long in the alcohol, the texture and color will change. It is best to infuse them with alcohol within an hour of serving or consumption.

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If you want something different, you can buy vodka-based alcohol-infused popping boba.

Is It Okay to Drink Alcohol and Caffeine Together?

According to the CDC, it can be dangerous to drink alcohol and caffeine together. Caffeine may mask the effects of alcohol, causing a person to drink more than they usually would.

Though it is not recommended, certain combinations of the two might be less risky than others. Keep in mind that some boba milk teas don’t have caffeine. Some brown sugar and taro bubble teas are caffeine-free.

Are Boozy Boba Teas Strong?

Though they do contain alcohol, generally speaking, alcoholic boba drinks are not very strong. Of course, the answer to this question will vary depending on the drink recipe, the type of liquor used, and your tolerance to alcohol.

Typically, these boozy boba drinks contain one shot of alcohol. Again, this could vary depending on the specific drink recipe.

Where Can You Buy Alcoholic Boba Tea?

If you are looking for a bubble tea shop that sells boozy boba, you will need to find one with a liquor license.

Bubbleology, located in East Village in NYC, is one of those places. There is also a boba shop called Bamboa in Baltimore that sells liquor-based bubble teas. There are also several locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, including Seven Bar Lounge, SIP Boba Lounge, Boba Bear, One Milk Tea, and Rachetivi-Teas.

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6 Alcoholic Boba Tea Recipes

Boba cocktails are an exciting spin on regular cocktails, and you can even make them at home with a few simple ingredients and pieces of equipment. Here are a few of our favorite recipes:

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After recently discovering bubble tea, Margaret is addicted. Thai iced tea with coffee jelly and lychee fruit tea with popping boba are her favorite combinations so far. She is currently working on a few homemade healthy versions of her favorite flavors that will satisfy her sweet tooth all the same.

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