Boba Buddha’s Marula Liqueur Bubble Tea Crunch Shot

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Classic Taiwanese bubble tea doesn’t usually include alcohol. However, this marula liqueur crunch recipe is the perfect sweet, alcoholic shot for an evening nightcap. Creamy, sweet marula liqueur with spicy Assam tea deliver a shot with hints of vanilla, caramel, and spices. 

This marula cream crunch shot takes only a few ingredients and under 20 minutes to assemble. Make as directed in the recipe for the perfect shot, or use the suggestions below to make an indulgent, boozy boba tea for your next night in.

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Marula Liqueur Bubble Tea Crunch Shot


The creaminess of the shot mixed with the chewy tapioca pearls is a delicious and fun combination. This dessert shot is sure to impress your guests.


  • 1 spoonful of tapioca pearls (brown sugar works best)
  • 2 teaspoons of brewed Assam tea
  • 2 tablespoons of marula cream liqueur
  • 1 tablespoon of heavy cream
  • Chopped nuts for garnish


  1. Place the tapioca pearls in the bottom of a shot glass.
  2. Add the Assam tea and the marula cream liqueur.
  3. Spoon some heavy cream over the top.
  4. Sprinkle on chopped nuts for a garnish, and enjoy!

What Does a Marula Liqueur Bubble Tea Crunch Shot Taste Like?

Marula liqueur crunch shot tastes creamy, sweet, and nutty, with hints of citrus. The Assam tea adds a spicy, malty flavor, toning down the sweetness slightly. Marula liqueur also has hints of vanilla and almond. Marula liqueur tastes similar to Bailey’s and can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or in cocktails.

What Is Marula Liqueur?

Marula liqueur is a cream liqueur from South Africa. It is made with sugar, cream, and the fruit of the African marula tree. This fruit is what gives it a slight citrus flavor. Marula Liqueur is also called Amarula Cream Liqueur.

The nose has hints of figs, caramel, toffee, and almond. Upon first sip, you’ll be greeted with tropical notes of guava, figs, vanilla, and allspice. The finish is long and creamy with hints of gingerbread.

Is Marula Liqueur Strong?

Marula liqueur contains 17 % alcohol per volume, making it pretty mild. The raw fruit, however, is potent enough to make an elephant drunk! The Amarula plant is one of the African elephant’s favorite plants—they travel miles to reach this plant. The Amarula plant only grows in the southern half of Africa.

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Marula fruit

Can You Use Something Else Besides Assam Tea?

Fruit tea, green tea, chai tea, or any black tea works well in this cocktail. Matcha tea is also a great option since the bitterness will cut through the sweet alcohol.

If you’re searching for something different, mix Amarula liqueur with brewed coffee in this cocktail shot. Not all boba tea shops sell alcohol, so experiment at home to see which combinations you like best.

Can You Make This Shot Into a Boba Tea Cocktail?

If you want to create a boba tea cocktail, add more tea or even some coconut milk. You can soak the tapioca pearls in Amarula cream liqueur for an extra boozy boba tea cocktail. You could also add a full shot of marula liqueur (three tablespoons instead of two).

Other ways to use Amarula liqueur:

  • Added to lemonade or iced tea
  • Baked in cupcakes
  • Blended into a milkshake
  • Added to egg nog
  • Combined with pineapple juice and cinnamon
  • Added to lattes or espresso
  • In hot chocolate—make a decadent drink with whipped cream and marshmallows
  • As an ice cream topping


Sarah loves indulging in bubble tea near her home in southern Indiana. She constantly experiments with flavor combinations, but her favorite flavor is passion fruit. She enjoys experimenting in her home kitchen and hopes to one day be a pro at making her own bubble tea.

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