How Many Calories Are in Bubble Tea?

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Are these pastel-colored tea drinks wreaking havoc on your calorie-counting fears? On average, bubble teas contain around 400 calories. Surprisingly, you can make bubble tea as healthy as you wish. That means you can manage the calories, sugars, and flavorings in a single cup of bubble tea.

Popular Boba Tea Flavors & Calories

Type of TeaCalories
Brown Sugar Milk Tea500-660
Taro Milk Tea620
Thai Milk Tea640
Honeydew Milk Tea600
Classic Milk Tea450
Matcha Milk Tea280
Passion Fruit Tea240
Mango Fruit Tea230
Lychee Fruit Tea220

Note: These calories are based on a 16-ounce drink with 100% sugar.

Why Is Bubble Tea So High in Calories?

With so many delicious, indulgent options in front of you, it’s not easy to make healthy choices. However, the number of calories will change depending on how you customize your boba drink. Those watching their carbohydrates to control weight or obesity should be especially cautious.

Breaking Down the Calories in Bubble Tea

Most bubble teas contain between 300 and 500 calories without customization. Each ingredient adds a certain number of calories to your drink. Here is how they add up:

Milk or Creamer20-80
Sweetener 100-240


When it comes to tea in boba, there are a wide variety of choices. Different flavors are produced by using various teas. However, tea has little impact on the total caloric content of milk tea. The most common tea bases are black tea or green tea.

Milk or Creamer

Most boba drinks are made with whole milk or non-dairy creamer. However, there are several milk substitutes. Half-and-half, whole milk, skim milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and non-dairy milk are just a few popular alternatives.

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Overall, creamer and half-and-half may taste better because less fat is removed. But it is important to note that one tablespoon of creamer equals ~20 calories, while one tablespoon of nonfat milk has ~5 calories.

Note: fruit tea is brewed with juice rather than milk. As a result, it typically has fewer calories than milk tea.


boba sweetness

If you’re not a fan of sugary drinks, request bubble teas with only 25% or 50% sugar.

Boba shops typically use flavored syrups in fruit teas to give you your desired sweetness. Some stores, however, will use real fruit purees and simple syrup. For milk teas, brown sugar syrup is the most popular sweetener.

Sweetened condensed milk, frequently used in Thai milk tea, is another option that gives your already fantastic bubble tea the best of both worlds by adding sweetness and a creamy mouthfeel.


Tapioca pearls, aka boba pearls, are the most common topping. They are available in many colors, but black tapioca pearls are the most popular. They are made from cassava root and contain many calories and carbs. Even if these chewy balls were not originally made with added sugars, they often sit in a brown sugar syrup, which makes up most of their sugar content.

Another popular option is popping boba. These spherical gel-incased pearls have fruit juice in the middle. While it depends on the flavor, popping boba has significantly fewer calories than boba pearls.

Like the flavors, types of milk, and sweeteners, there’s also a long list of options for toppings.

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Bubble Tea ToppingsCalories (per serving)
Tapioca Pearls272
Popping Boba30
Coconut Jelly100
Grass Jelly30
Red Bean180
Crushed Oreo200
Taro Balls250

Which Boba Tea Has the Most Amount of Calories?

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Tiger Milk tea

Brown sugar milk tea, also referred to as Tiger milk tea, has the most calories. It is similar to a classic milk tea but uses brown sugar syrup to create “tiger stripes.” At the bottom of the cup is a mixture of black tapioca pearls and additional brown sugar syrup. At nearly 660 calories, this tea is quite an indulgence.

Which Boba Tea Has the Least Amount of Calories?

Lychee fruit tea has the least amount of calories. However, if 220 calories make you squirm, you can opt for a nearly zero-calorie pure iced tea with chia seeds and no sugar or milk.

However, matcha bubble tea is the way to go if you are more focused on a generally healthy drink. Matcha tea contains several beneficial ingredients that fight arthritis, weight disorders, and skin-related issues. It provides a range of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The beverage also gives you the same energy as coffee without adverse side effects. Matcha powder can be used to make this drink at home, giving you full control over the ingredients! Here are a few one of my favorite matcha powders, available online:

Five Ways to Lessen the Calories in Bubble Tea

Even though the calories in bubble tea can pile up quickly, there are ways to lessen them.

  1. Reduce sugar levels
    Look for traditionally less-sweet options when buying or brewing boba tea. Honey or other sweeteners can be used as sugar substitutes as well.
  2. Request dairy alternatives
    Compared to whole milk or cream, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or non-dairy creamer have fewer calories. Additionally, they are fantastic substitutes for people who are allergic to dairy.
  3. Ask for less or no toppings
    Asking for fewer tapioca pearls will help you reduce your sugar intake significantly. Request fewer toppings or none at all.
  4. Select a smaller cup
    Your favorite drink usually comes in two sizes. The regular size is a typical 16-ounce, and the large size is a 22-ounce cup.
  5. Limit your bubble tea consumption
    Boba drinks are an indulgent treat. Limit your boba consumption to 1 to 2 cups each month. Like any sugar-sweetened beverage, your favorite pearl milk teas are best enjoyed in moderation.


Sami loves to travel and taste-tests Bubble Tea in every city she can. Her favorite flavor is Taro and she prefers 50% sweetness. She loves experimenting with recipes and is currently perfecting her homemade tapioca pearls.

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